Canon PIXMA G3400 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA G3400 Driver Download– The Canon PIXMA G3400 boasts an array of impressive features that make it stand out among its competitors. Some of the key features include:

  1. High-Resolution Printing: The PIXMA G3400’s high-resolution printing capabilities allow users to produce sharp and vibrant documents and photos.
  2. Integrated Ink Tank System: This printer comes equipped with a built-in ink tank system, providing users with a cost-effective and convenient printing solution.
  3. Wireless Connectivity: With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, users can effortlessly print from their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, enhancing the overall printing experience.
  4. Scanning and Copying: The PIXMA G3400 functions as a scanner and copier, offering additional versatility for various office tasks.
  5. Long-lasting Battery: A powerful and long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted printing, making it suitable for both home and small office use.

Pricing and Cost Comparison

When considering a printer purchase, pricing plays a crucial role in decision-making. The Canon PIXMA G3400 offers a competitive price point compared to other printers in its category. While the initial cost may be slightly higher due to the integrated ink tank system, users can reap the long-term benefits of cost-effective printing. With the ability to print large volumes of documents and photos without the need for frequent ink cartridge replacements, users can significantly reduce their printing expenses over time.

In comparison to traditional inkjet printers that require frequent cartridge changes, the Canon PIXMA G3400 proves to be a cost-efficient option. Users can enjoy a higher page yield per ink tank, resulting in lower overall printing costs. Additionally, the printer’s durable build ensures fewer maintenance requirements, contributing to additional savings in the long run.

User Reviews and Satisfaction

To gauge real-world performance and user satisfaction, we delved into various user reviews and testimonials regarding the Canon PIXMA G3400. Overall, the feedback has been positive, with many users highlighting the following points:

  1. Print Quality: Users have praised the printer’s high-quality output, especially for photo printing, as it captures vivid colors and sharp details.
  2. Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface and wireless connectivity have been well-received, making printing tasks seamless and hassle-free.
  3. Cost-Effective Printing: Users appreciate the integrated ink tank system, as it allows for economical printing without compromising on quality.
  4. Versatility: The ability to scan and copy documents adds to the printer’s versatility, catering to various office needs.
  5. Reliability: Users have commended the printer’s reliability and consistent performance, even during heavy printing tasks.

While the majority of users are satisfied with the Canon PIXMA G3400, a few have mentioned minor connectivity issues with certain devices. However, Canon’s customer support has been responsive in assisting users with troubleshooting, and alleviating any concerns.


In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA G3400 is a feature-rich and cost-effective multi-functional printer that caters to both home and small office needs. With its high-resolution printing capabilities, integrated ink tank system, and wireless connectivity, users can experience seamless printing, scanning, and copying. The printer’s competitive pricing and long-term cost savings make it an attractive option for those seeking an efficient and reliable printing solution.

Despite minor connectivity concerns reported by a few users, the overall feedback has been positive, demonstrating the Canon PIXMA G3400’s performance and user satisfaction. For anyone in search of a versatile, user-friendly, and economical printer, the Canon PIXMA G3400 is a compelling choice that delivers on its promises.

Canon PIXMA G3400 Driver for Windows

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  • Download ««« XPS Printer Driver for Windows
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Canon PIXMA G3400 Driver Mac Os X/ Os X

  • Download««« CUPS Printer Driver for Mac
  • Download««« Full Printer Driver for OS X

Free Canon PIXMA G3400 Driver for Linux

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  • Download ««« IJ Printer Driver for Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
  • Download ««« IJ Printer Driver (Source file)
  • Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver for Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
  • Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver for Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
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Canon PIXMA G3400 Support Source: Canon Support USA

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