Canon PIXMA GM4010 Driver and Software

Canon PIXMA GM4010 Driver– When it comes to choosing a printer, the options are numerous and varied. These printers have garnered attention for their unique features and capabilities.

In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparison between these two models, highlighting their key differences in terms of design, performance, cost-efficiency, and more.

Design and Build

Both the GM4010 and the EcoTank ET-4760 sport sleek and compact designs. The GM4010’s streamlined profile complements modern workspaces, while the EcoTank ET-4760’s matte finish gives it a professional look. However, the GM4010’s control panel layout offers more intuitive navigation, making it user-friendly.

Performance and Print Quality

In terms of performance, the GM4010 boasts a faster print speed, making it suitable for high-volume printing needs. The EcoTank ET-4760 follows closely but lags behind when it comes to producing larger print volumes. Print quality-wise, both models offer sharp text and vibrant images. However, the GM4010’s higher print resolution gives it a slight edge in terms of detail and clarity.

Ink System and Cost-Efficiency

One of the most significant differences lies in their ink systems. The GM4010 features an integrated ink tank system that offers a higher page yield per ink bottle, translating to lower long-term printing costs. On the other hand, the EcoTank ET-4760’s ink tanks are external, which may require a bit more space. While both models provide economical printing options, the GM4010’s system is more user-friendly due to its integrated design.

Wireless Connectivity and Mobile Printing

Modern printers must offer seamless wireless connectivity, and both models deliver on this front. The GM4010’s mobile printing experience is noteworthy, allowing users to print directly from their smartphones or tablets. The EcoTank ET-4760 provides similar functionality but lacks the finesse of the GM4010’s wireless setup.

Paper Handling and Versatility

The GM4010 and the EcoTank ET-4760 excel in handling various paper sizes and types. From standard documents to envelopes and glossy photo paper, these printers accommodate diverse printing needs.

The GM4010, however, stands out in its borderless photo printing capabilities, giving users the freedom to create professional-quality photos without any white borders.


Both the Canon PIXMA GM4010 and the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 are solid contenders in the printer market, each with its own set of strengths. The GM4010 impresses with its faster print speed, higher print resolution, integrated ink tank system, and seamless wireless connectivity. On the other hand, the EcoTank ET-4760 shines with its professional design and versatile paper handling. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific printing requirements. Whether you prioritize speed, cost-efficiency, or design, both printers offer unique advantages that cater to various user preferences.

Canon PIXMA GM4010 Driver and Software for Windows

  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA GM4010 Security Patch for Windows
  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA GM4010 MP Printer Drivers for Windows

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA GM4010 Support Software for Windows

  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA GM4010 Wifi Connection Assistant Windows
  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA GM4010 IJ Printer Assistant Tool Windows
  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA GM4010 Easy Layout Editor Windows

Canon PIXMA GM4010 Manual Support Download

  • Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Windows
  • Download ««« Guide for Easy-Layout Editor Download Free for Windows
  • Download ««« Getting Started Guide Free

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA GM4010 Support Source: Canon Support USA

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