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IJ Start Canon– In the pursuit of impeccable printing experiences and vibrant image reproduction, the Canon PIXMA MG4180 emerges as a true powerhouse in the world of all-in-one printers. To harness its full potential, the journey begins with acquiring the right drivers. This comprehensive guide not only navigates you through the Canon PIXMA MG4180 drivers download process but also sheds light on its features, performance, and overall value in enhancing your printing endeavors.

Canon PIXMA MG4180 In-Depth Review: Striking the Perfect Balance

Delve into the depths of the Canon PIXMA MG4180, a versatile all-in-one printer that artfully balances functionality and affordability. This review aims to provide a detailed exploration of its design, user interface, connectivity options, and most importantly, its performance in meeting the demands of your home or office setup.

Design and Build: Aesthetics and Functionality

The PIXMA MG4180 boasts a sleek, high-gloss black exterior that undoubtedly catches the eye. However, its aesthetic appeal comes with the trade-off of being prone to fingerprints. The compact design makes it suitable for smaller spaces, but it’s essential to note that the printer nearly doubles in depth when the front panel opens for printing. The inclusion of a fold-down paper feed tray and a secondary internal tray adds to the printer’s overall design, providing both form and function.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating with Ease

The control panel features a 16mm LCD, ensuring a clear and concise interface. Three soft buttons accompany the display, facilitating easy navigation through various functions. Canon’s intuitive click-wheel simplifies menu selection, offering a user-friendly experience. On the front left, convenient SD and MemoryStick card slots are available, complemented by a prominent blue-ringed power button. See More: Canon PIXMA TS6140 Drivers

Connectivity and Printing Options: Where Convenience Meets Versatility

The PIXMA MG4180 excels in providing multiple connectivity options. Both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity are available, with a straightforward wireless setup process. Notably, the printer supports AirPrint, allowing for seamless printing directly from smartphones and tablets. To further enhance remote printing capabilities, Canon’s Cloud Link utility is integrated into the system.

Performance: Unveiling Speed and Quality

  • Print Speed: Canon rates the MG4180 at 9.9 pages per minute (ppm) for black and 5.7 ppm for color. In practical tests, a maximum speed of 8.1 ppm was observed for the 20-page text test, with around 7.9 ppm for five-page documents.
  • Duplex Printing: An advantageous feature is the inclusion of duplex printing, allowing for efficient double-sided printing.
  • Print Quality: While the MG4180 delivers decent text and graphics, it falls slightly short in color reproduction compared to some competitors.

Pros and Cons: Balancing Act


  1. Remote Printing: Utilize Canon’s Cloud Link for convenient printing from various devices.
  2. Quick Maintenance: The design ensures easy upkeep for hassle-free operation.
  3. AirPrint Compatibility: Experience wireless printing convenience from your Apple devices.


  1. Slow Color Printing: Color prints lag behind expectations, affecting overall speed.
  2. Fuzzy Color Copies: The quality of color copies could be improved.
  3. Large Footprint When Open: Consideration of space constraints is essential due to increased depth during printing.

Detailed Specifications

Feature Specification
Print Speed (Black) 9.9 pages per minute (ppm)
Print Speed (Color) 5.7 ppm
Display 16mm LCD
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi
Wireless Printing AirPrint
Duplex Printing Yes
Card Slots SD and MemoryStick
Footprint Compact, doubles in depth when front panel is open

In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA MG4180 stands as a commendable mid-range all-in-one printer, although it faces stiff competition in the market. If your priorities include remote printing convenience and easy maintenance, the MG4180 becomes a worthy contender. However, if speed and top-notch color copies are paramount considerations, exploring alternative options within the same price range is advisable.

Canon PIXMA MG4180 Drivers Download

Free PIXMA MG4180 Drivers for Windows

  • Download ««« Mini Master Setup for Windows
  • Download ««« XPS Printer Driver for Windows
  • Download ««« MP Printer Drivers for Windows

Canon MG4180 Drivers for Mac Os X/ Os X

  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA MG4180 CUPS Printer Driver for Mac
  • Download ««« Canon PIXMA MG4180 ICA Printer Driver for Mac
  • Download ««« Scanner Driver for OS X

Free Canon MG4180 Drivers for Linux

  • Download ««« IJ Printer Driver for Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
  • Download «««  IJ Printer Driver for Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
  • Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver for Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
  • Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver for Linux (debian-Packagearchive)


IJ Setup Canon PIXMA MG4180 Support Source: Canon Support USA

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