Canon Pixma TS6020 Driver

Canon Pixma TS6020 Driver, Manual & Price– The Canon Pixma TS6020 is a fast printer with driver easy installation settings, ink refill, and has a complete manual guide., delivers high-quality images, and offers low printing costs for text. Canon TS6020 with a size of 14.7 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches, the main body of this all-in-one is quite compact. But these dimensions do not include the paper tray. Inserting a paper cassette adds about 1.5 inches of depth; fold the control panel at 45 degrees, and you add another inch. Retracted in full extension, the output paper catch protrudes 9 inches from the main body. The second input tray, which you pull out and lean back against, adds about 5 inches of depth and about 7 inches of height. Be sure to include it when calculating your space requirements.

The control board has a 3-inch shading LCD and a couple of buttons. You utilize the touch screen generally to explore the menus. The buttons labeled Black and Color start copying or scanning after you select a mode in the touchscreen menu, but they don’t launch black-and-white or color copying or scanning, and you can’t program them to do so, either.

I would have preferred more physical buttons, considering I found the touchscreen unresponsive at times, requiring a few taps to register entries. On the plus side, within the menu, you can swipe up and down on the list without having to repeatedly tap the on-screen button.

The TS6020’s two paper trays allow you to store two types of media if you prefer. Both trays hold up to letter-size paper. By default, the printer prompts you to register the paper size every time you remove the cassette or load paper in the rear tray. It’s annoying, but you can turn off this warning.

You can interface the printer by means of USB or Wi-Fi. There’s no USB direct print port for thumb drives, nor is there a memory card opening.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Print Speed

The TS6020 prints text documents very quickly, at 9.8 pages per minute. The TS6020 took just 30.7 seconds to print our five-page text report, outperforming the 38.2 second normal for other inkjet across-the-board printers. The main model we saw that was quicker was the Epson WF-2760, which printed a similar page in 30.2 seconds.

The TS6020 conveys the quickest shading designs time in its group, printing our six-page report in only 1 moment 56 seconds, or 3.1 ppm, contrasted with the 2.4 ppm normal for the inkjet. Most stunningly, the Canon across the board prints two-sided archives at a normal speed for single-sided printing of 2.3 ppm.


The TS6020 is additionally the quickest model in photograph printing, delivering lustrous letter-size prints at high goal in only 1 moment 54 seconds. While the normal time for the inkjet is 5:50, a few different models are not a long ways behind the TS6020.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Copy and Scan Speed

Copies arrive quickly, in either black-and-white or color. In both cases, the TS6020 is the fastest model to date. The black-and-white copy arrived in 9.4 seconds, well ahead of the 16.3-second average for the all-in-one inkjet. Making a color copy in 19.2 seconds, the TS6020 also beats the 29.6-second average. The next closest competitor is Canon’s Pixma MG3620, which takes 27.3 seconds.

At 10.4 seconds, the black-and-white scan on the TS6020 fits the category average. Color scanning at 600 dpi, however, is significantly faster than what comparable models achieve.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Print quality

The print quality of the TS6020 is very high. Text is printed with very sharp edges, with an attractive weight to the letterform. The graphics have lots of detail, fun saturated colors, and smooth textures. Printing on high-quality inkjet paper improves quality, bringing text close to laser printer quality while giving graphics a bit more color saturation and fine detail. However, using the TS6020 duplexer causes the text to print slightly lighter than when you print one-sided. Glossy photos also look very attractive, with lots of fine detail and natural-looking colors.

The color copy of the TS6020 is quite impressive, although some fine details in dark areas are lost in translation. However, the grayscale copy of the graphic is marred by the rough-looking midtone transitions; they tend to reproduce a little too dark, with a slightly grainy texture.

Scans on the TS6020 are of extremely high quality, with rich saturated colors and fine detail. The scanner is able to accurately reproduce fine details in shadow areas.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Ink Cost and Yield

The TS6020 provides a low cost of the printing text of 6 cents per page with standard cartridges (compared to the category average of 8.3 cents). You can lower your text printing costs by up to 5.4 cents per page using a high-yield black ink cartridge, in line with the average cost of 5.6 cents per page.

Shading pages cost 17.8 pennies each, well underneath the normal expense of 22.7 pennies per page for inkjet all-in-ones. Utilizing high return cartridges decreases costs just somewhat, to 17.1 pennies per page, which is marginally higher than the normal of 15.6 pennies per page for different models. The Canon Pixma MG3620 actually offers the most minimal shading page cost, 13.3 pennies per page.

The cost of ink to print 4 x 6-inch glossy photos is 32 cents each, using standard cartridges. The high-yield Pixma TS6020 cartridge brings these costs down to 22 cents each.

The TS6020 uses pigment black ink(for plain paper printing) and color dark (the most appropriate for lustrous photographs). For a reflexive 4 x 6 inch print, submersion dark ink will give you around 376 prints, while color ink is relatively untouched and will last for approximately 2,305 photo prints. In contrast, the dye black ink cartridge is rated to last for 1,795 plain paper prints of mixed text and graphics, while the pigment black does the heavy lifting and lasts only 300 pages.

IJ Start Canon TS6020 Setup

The TS6020 is quick to get started, lighting up its touchscreen for operation in just 4.5 seconds. It’s the fastest startup we’ve ever seen. However, this does not mean that the TS620 will have a copy in your hands 10 seconds later. Starting the copy function takes about 15 seconds longer than usual; making a black-and-white copy took 24.6 seconds after first starting the TS6020, compared to 9.4 seconds when the all-in-one was fully warmed up.

Setting up the printer via USB and Wi-Fi is easy. The print driver is installed correctly, and the network setup is intuitive and hassle-free.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Software

Group offers fundamental printing and examining programming with the TS6020. I’m experiencing difficulty attempting to run the sweep work on a Windows 10 machine, which Canon support technicians say may be due to a security software glitch. In both cases, the support technician steered me away from the software and encouraged me to use the IJ Scan Utility, which works fine (and which, in my opinion, should have been installed from the installation disc when the printer driver was installed).

The Pixma TS6020 offers many advantages, with many features and high performance. The image quality is very high. And although the cost of color printing is average for an inkjet printer, the cost of printing text is low. Canon’s all-in-one inkjets provide the right mix of speed and quality for people looking for an all-in-one printer.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Price

  • The price of Canon Pixma TS6020 is around $149.99.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Troubleshooting

The Canon Pixma TS6020 is a wireless inkjet printer. It is also an All in One Printer because it has multifunctional functions such as document printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. Canon Pixma printers are widely used for home and business purposes.

Sometimes you face different types of errors while using this printer. The white lining error is the main error when printing documents through the Canon Pixma TS6020 printer. When we print any document then it also prints a white layer, hence it has many reasons behind printing errors.

These printing errors can be white and black when printing. It also displays horizontal and vertically generated layer printing errors.

When you use the Canon Pixma TS6020 printer for a long time, you don’t always face this problem, but suddenly you see a white or black layer on your printed document. Then you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support Service to fix this problem at once.

The problem that most often occurs with inkjet printers is the appearance of white lines when we print documents. If you are facing this problem for a long time, then you should fix it. Otherwise, you may lose some parts of your printer.

Then you use up more ink and spend money on the printer, which is wasted money. Now, in this blog, we discuss all the reasons and factors that cause white lining errors with how we can fix them.

Run the Printhead Cleaning Tool:

  • First of all, you can run the printhead cleaning tool on your printer set. This is due to some clogging of microscopic pores, and dust particles blocking the print head from printing properly.
  • If you can get white lines or blank dots when printing multiple printing pages. This is due to the Inkjet printer being choked by dry dust ink particles.
  • When you run the printhead cleaning tool, it uses the Head Cleaner utility. After doing this, you can check it by taking a print test page and resolving your white line issue. You can call our Canon printer helpline at any time or chat with us.

Check the ink cartridges:

  • You can check the canon printer slot where the ink cartridge is properly inserted into the printer.
  • Carefully wipe off any dust or dry ink with a cotton swab and other soft cloth.
  • Make sure the ink cartridges are properly installed, installed, and clean. Carefully reinstall it in the slot and close the ink cartridge cover.
  • Then after turning on your canon printer.

Check Printer Settings:

  • Another reason for white lines or black lines on the printed page is the incorrect printing settings of the canon printer on the computer or personal system. You can check the printer’s default settings and quality-related issues and fix them.
  • Also check the print quality setting if it is set to draft, then change it to default. This helps to get quality prints without using too much printing ink.


Canon Pixma TS6020 Driver for Windows

Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 Full Printer Driver for Windows
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 XPS Printer Driver for Windows
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 MP Printer Drivers for Windows

IJ Setup Canon Pixma TS6020 Support Software for Windows

Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 IJ Network Device Setup Utility for Windows
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Windows
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 My Image Garden for Windows
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 Quick Menu for Windows
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 Full Set Up Package for Windows

Canon Pixma TS6020 Driver Mac Os X/ Os X

Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 CUPS Printer Driver for Mac
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 ICA Printer Driver for Mac
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 Full Printer Driver for OS X

IJ Setup Canon Pixma TS6020 Support Software for Mac Os X/ Os X

Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 IJ Scan Utility Lite for Mac
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Mac
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 My Image Garden for Mac
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 Quick Menu for Mac

Canon Com/IJSetup Canon Pixma TS6020 Support Drivers for Linux

Download ««« IJ Printer Driver Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
Download ««« IJ Printer Driver Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
Download ««« IJ Printer Driver Linux (Source file)
Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver Linux (Source file)

Canon Pixma TS6020 Manual Support Download

Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 ScanGear MP guide Free for Linux
Download ««« Canon Pixma TS6020 IJ Printer Driver guide Free for Linux

Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Windows
Download ««« Guide Quick Menu Download Free for Windows
Download ««« Guide My Image Garden Free for Windows
Download ««« Guide Easy PhotoPrint Editor Free for Windows

Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Mac
Download ««« Guide Quick Menu Download Free for Mac
Download ««« Guide My Image Garden Free for Mac
Download ««« Guide Easy PhotoPrint Editor Free for Mac

Download ««« Getting Started Guide Free

IJ Setup Canon Pixma TS6020 Support Source: Canon Support USA

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