Canon PIXMA iP2702 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iP2702 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iP2702 Driver Download– The Canon Pixma iP2702 Photo Printer as photograph printers, and these will in general print fair to excellent photographs (by shopper principles, at any rate), frequently to the disregard of text quality.  The iP2702 is an attractive yet Spartan gadget. Matte-dark with adjusted corners, it is minimized: 5.2 by 17.6 by 9.8 inches (HWD), weighing 12.1 pounds. Its interface is moderate: only two catches—one the on-off switch, the other named with a piece of paper in addition to a confusing symbol; the on-screen client manual uncovers it to be a resume/drop button. There’s no LCD or viewscreen of any kind. The uncovered, top-taking care of paper plate can fit up to 100 sheets. It does not have an auto-duplexer or any discretionary paper-dealing with highlights.

Arrangement was similarly straightforward as the iP2702’s appearance would suggest: plug it in, introduce the two cartridges, load the product on your PC, associate a USB link (its lone network choice), and adhere to the on-screen directions. I tried the iP2702 on a PC running Windows Vista. As indicated by Canon, it ships with drivers for Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP/2000, and Mac OS X v.10.4.11 to 10.6.x.


At $50, the iP2702 is the most reduced evaluated printer we’ve inspected in quite a while. Our closest evaluated as of now accessible examination frameworks cost twice so much (the Canon Pixma iP4820 Photo Printer, $99.99 immediate, 4 stars) or more (the Editors’ Choice HP Officejet 6000 Wireless Printer, $119.99 immediate, 4 stars).

The iP2702 printed out our business applications suite quickly 18 seconds (utilizing QualityLogic’s equipment and programming for timing), while the iP4820 finished it in 11:17 and the Officejet 6000 in 11:34. It took the iP2702 a normal of 1 moment 34 seconds to print out a 4-by-6 photograph and 3:31 to yield a 8-by-10. The iP4820 found the middle value of 55 seconds for every 4-by-6 and 1:44 for a 8-by-10, while the HP took 1:05 and 2:28, separately. So however the iP2702 is more slow than both of these more costly machines, the speed contrast is a smidgen more articulated in printing from Office-type programs than in yielding photographs.


The iP2702’s shock came in our quality testing, where it created great quality content however not very great photographs. Its illustrations yield was on a standard with most of inkjets we’ve tried.

Text quality was very acceptable, especially for an inkjet. Most of our test textual styles were effectively decipherable at 6 focuses, with two effectively coherent at 4 focuses and one at 5. Just a single especially troublesome text style required sort bigger than 8 focuses to be effectively coherent (it passed the limit at 12 focuses, better than most printers we’ve tried it on). All aside from that one textual style were both effectively discernible and all around shaped in as meager as 8 focuses, and one was very much framed at 5 focuses. The characters were very dim and genuinely fresh for an inkjet, however under amplification they demonstrated a slight splash of ink that on occasion occupied in spaces between or inside characters in little textual styles. The content is usable for homework and any business reason shy of those requiring the greatest content.

The iP2702 demonstrated illustrations quality ordinary of inkjets. The two issues worth notice were a propensity for exceptionally slight lines to break (an issue that couple of printers are absolutely invulnerable to), and vacillating, a conspicuous speck design that appeared on one bunch of pictures.

Photographs were at the low finish of the quality we see from inkjets—beneath pharmacy quality, yet reasonable for printing out previews for an announcement board or a cooler, or printing out Web pages. A few photographs had quite quieted colors. A few pictures indicated posterization—helpless changes inside shading inclinations. A monochrome picture demonstrated helpless difference, just as a weak band of staining.

The Canon Pixma iP2702 Photo Printer could fit well into a thrifty family that prints a lot of text however with undemanding photograph needs, or as an understudy’s printer in the crowdedness of a residence. Canon may consider it a photograph printer, yet we consider it a book printer in mask—if you don’t have to print in a rush.

Ink Cartridges

The iP2702 utilizes two ink cartridges: one for dark and another that contains the cyan, yellow and fuchsia inks. This implies that you can’t trade out individual tones, so in the event that one shading runs out, you need to supplant each of the three immediately. The substitution standard shade dark ink cartridges (model PG-210) cost about $14.50, while the standard shading cartridge (model CL-211) costs about $18. Canon asserts a print yield of around 220 pages for the dark ink and 244 page for the shading cartridge. Higher limit renditions of these cartridges are likewise accessible: the PG-210XL has a cited page yield of 401 page, with the CL-211XL overseeing 349. These XL cartridges cost about $5 more than the standard ones, so they address great incentive for cash.

Photograph Print Speed

Printing at the greatest setting onto Canon’s own Photo Pro II paper, we found that a letter-sized photograph print took a normal of 3 minutes and 15 seconds to print, and a 4 by 6 took only a touch longer than a moment. That is somewhat on the moderate side, yet we commonly locate that modest printers perform more slow than their bigger and more costly cousins. It is likewise important that this printer is to some degree quicker than the correspondingly estimated Epson Artisan 50 also, which required an extra 2 minutes to create a letter measured print and an extra 30 seconds to print a 4 by 6. For additional on how we test print speeds,

Report Print Speed

Imprinting in its best quality print mode, the iP7202 was a somewhat moderate printer: imprinting onto plain paper at the most excellent, it oversaw just shy of 1 page a moment. We don’t expect printers like this to be speed machines, yet this is truly moderate. Luckily, you can speed it up in the event that you wouldn’t fret settling on quality: in the quick mode, it put out a more satisfactory 5.2 pages a moment, and the nature of the reports was still very acceptable, with truth be told, minor banding appearing in zones of strong tone.

Print Initialization

We found that the iP2702 was a fairly moderate printer to fire up, frequently taking 5 to 10 seconds to begin on a print. It likewise stopped a ton during a more extended print run, regularly halting for around 5 to 10 seconds in mid-page, appearing to stop for thought or to gathers its energy for the following explosion of printing.

Shading Accuracy

A decent printer produces colors that are consistent with the first picture. regardless of whether it is a family depiction or a piece of compelling artwork. A terrible one takes the tones from a photograph and recreates them erroneously. In our tests on shading precision, the iP2702 did a fair, however unspectacular work: the vast majority of the tones in our tests were near the firsts, yet there were shading shifts in general, especially with cyans, blues and some skin tones.

We test this by printing a shading graph containing 24 tones utilizing the default shading profile, at that point measure the tones utilizing a very good quality photospectrometer. We at that point make a custom profile for the printer utilizing a similar gadget, and give printing a shot both the maker’s very good quality paper and on Ilford Galerie lustrous paper. For additional subtleties on how our shading exactness tests are done, see here.

The graph underneath shows the outcomes: the number in every one of the shading patches is the CIDE 2000 shading distinction. The greater this number, the bigger the contrast between the first and the printed shading is to the eye.


The iP2702 utilizes 2 ink cartridges: dark and a shading cartridge that contains the cyan, yellow and red inks. This implies that in the event that one of the tones runs out, you need to dispose of the whole cartridge regardless of whether the others are as yet going. Despite the fact that having only two cartridges makes it less difficult, it likewise makes it more costly to run.

Canon guarantees a print yield of around 220 pages for the dark ink and 244 page for the shading cartridge. Higher limit adaptations of these cartridges are additionally accessible: the PG-210XL has a cited page yield of 401 page, with the CL-211XL overseeing 349. We found that these seem like nice appraisals ; in our testing interaction (which includes printing out over a hundred pages of different sizes, types and print characteristics), we just utilized one bunch of standard cartridges. A bunch of these standard cartridges will cost you about $37.50 ($14.50 for the PG-210 dark, and $18 for the CL-211 tone). Canon likewise offers higher limit adaptations of these cartridges: the PG-210XL dark ($31) and the CL-211 XL tone ($23).

Ink/Toner Management

The iP2702 makes a good showing of updating you as often as possible on how much ink there is left in the driver; the included utility program shows the assessed level in the entirety of the tanks. It additionally didn’t appear to be excessively cynical in its appraisals; we possibly got low ink admonitions when the ink cartridge was totally unfilled.

On the off chance that one of the cartridges runs out, you can set the printer to utilize the other on a transitory premise in the Ink Settings part of the utility program. Clearly, this won’t create excellent outcomes (prints will either have frail blacks or be highly contrasting, contingent upon which cartridge it utilizes), yet it is superior to not having the option to print by any means.


The iP2702 can deal with paper up to a greatest size of letter measured paper: it can’t deal with anything bigger. It can deal with envelopes and thick gleaming photograph paper, however not thick card or any media that doesn’t care for being bowed somewhat. To print to such a media, you will require a bigger printer like the Canon Pro 9000 that has a level paper way. There is likewise no alternative to print onto inkjet DVDs, a component that is available on the solitary marginally more costly Artisan 50.

Paper Storage

There is just a single area for paper to be taken care of into the printer: the paper plate on the rear of the printer. This plate can hold around 100 sheets of plain paper, or 20 sheets of polished photograph paper. The paper in this plate is uncovered, so in the event that you don’t utilize the printer for long spans, you should store the paper somewhere else to forestall residue and blurring. With no paper in it, the paper plate can overlap over to cover the highest point of the printer, keeping dust out.

One thing to note here is the nonattendance of a paper yield plate: when the paper leaves the printer, it falls right onto the work area or table that the printer is perched on.

On-printer Controls

There are only two catches on the highest point of this printer: a force button and a resume/drop button which can be utilized to stop or begin printing. The two fastens likewise have little LED lights that show the status; a green one for power and an orange one for the resume/drop button that streaks on in case of a blunder.

On-Printer Display

There is no screen or other presentation on the actual printer; the lone criticism you get is a flickering light on the resume/drop when the printer has experienced a mistake.

On-Printer Menus

Since there is no showcase on the actual printer, there are additionally no menus or different alternatives on the actual printer.

Media Slots

There are no media spaces or USB ports, so it is extremely unlikely to duplicate or print photographs straightforwardly from a memory card or a computerized camera directly to the printer; you should work with a PC. This additionally implies that its absolutely impossible to associate this printer to a camera that bolsters the PictBridge standard; it will just work with a PC.

Remote and Network

No help for remote or organization associations are upheld on this printer, and there is no alternative to add direct arrange or remote help. You can, nonetheless, share the printer over an organization utilizing a PC, however this should be gone on to share the printer. This may preclude it in the event that you are searching for a printer that few PCs can share. Additionally absent is a PictBridge USB port; this printer can’t work straightforwardly with a computerized camera.


Of these two printers, the Canon is somewhat quicker at printing out photographs. Notwithstanding, we found that the Epson had somewhat better picture quality: pictures looked more nitty gritty and had a marginally more profound blacks. However, by and large, there wasn’t’ that a lot to pick between the two printers.

Inks and Media

The two printers can deal with paper up to letter size, however neither can deal with anything bigger. The Epson can likewise deal with DVDs through the extraordinary DVD printing plate, which is a lot simpler to use than the stick-on marks that you need to use with the Canon.

Being used

The two printers are best depicted as stripped down; they can deal with fundamental printing errands, yet are not especially quick or adaptable. Be that as it may, the two printers are quite simple to utilize and will serve the necessities of numerous clients.

Canon PIXMA iP2702 Driver Download

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Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 Full Printer Driver for Windows
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Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Windows
Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 My Image Garden for Windows
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Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 CUPS Printer Driver for Mac

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA iP2702 Support Software for Mac Os X/ Os X

Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Mac
Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 My Image Garden for Mac
Download ««« Canon PIXMA iP2702 Full Set Up Package for OS X

Canon PIXMA iP2702 Manual Support Download

Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Windows
Download ««« Guide My Image Garden Free for Windows
Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Mac
Download ««« Guide My Image Garden Free for Mac
Download ««« Getting Started Guide Free

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA iP2702 Support Source: Canon Support USA

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