Canon PIXMA TS8322 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TS8322 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TS8322 Driver Download– The Canon Pixma TS8322  is a conservative, inkjet across the board that is most appropriate for photograph printing aficionados. It has an SD card space on its front board, can print on uniquely covered CD/DVD circles and offers two paper plates so you can keep plain just as photograph paper stacked.

Generally significant for picture takers, the TS8322 is equipped with six individual ink cartridges, offering the chance of a more extensive shading extent in photograph prints by utilizing a photograph blue ink cartridge notwithstanding two dark inks and the conventional cyan, maroon and yellow.

The TS8322 comes in dark, white and red, and offers some great highlights focused on savvy home aficionados: uphold for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT (If This Then That).

Canon PIXMA TS8322 Design

With its paper plate withdrew and the touch-screen control board collapsed down against the body, the TS8322 is minimized, estimating generally 14.6 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches. Nonetheless, the profundity increments to 14 inches when you broaden the paper tape underneath the body to hold the letter-size paper. The back information plate altogether expands the profundity; it points in reverse when lifted for use, making the complete profundity around 25 inches. The back paper plate likewise expands the tallness to generally 11.5 inches.

To work the TS8322, you utilize the huge, 4.3-inch shading contact screen, which establishes a major first connection and functioned admirably in our testing. There are no actual catches on the control board other than the force button. The huge touch screen offers enormous virtual catches for the three fundamental capacities (duplicate, output and print) and more modest symbols along the base for making changes to settings. We found the menus efficient and instinctive to explore.

The SD card space is on the front board, at the base left close to the paper tape. This permits you to print photographs straightforwardly from a camera’s memory card, without connecting it to a PC. There is no USB Direct print port for printing documents from a thumb drive.

There is a paper tape at the lower part of the body and a vertical paper plate on the back. The paper tape holds up to 100 sheets of plain paper. The back paper plate can hold up to 100 sheets of plain paper, 20 sheets of 4 x 6-inch photograph paper, or 10 sheets of 5 x 7-inch photograph paper. The two plates offer programmed paper recognition; in the wake of eliminating the tape or stacking paper into the backplate, the touch screen requests that you affirm the paper type identified. The yield plate sits on the paper tape and broadens naturally (if it’s not effectively expanded) when a print work is begun.

Underneath the yield plate, there is a capacity opening for the CD/DVD circle holder. Prior to imprinting onto a covered circle, you push in the yield plate, eliminate the plate holder and supplement it into a committed circle opening over the yield plate.

The ink cartridges are anything but difficult to stack. The inlet sits behind an entryway on the front board. Three limits are offered: standard, XL high return and XXL high return.

The TS8322 has a duplexer for making two-sided prints. It doesn’t have a programmed archive feeder for making multipage duplicates or outputs. The flatbed scanner can oblige records up to 8.5 x 11.7 inches (letter/A4); the scanner cover’s pivots don’t offer any opposition and you should lift the top an entire 90 degrees for it to help itself.

You can associate remotely to the TS8322 utilizing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz are upheld). In the event that you have Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can utilize it to send voice orders to the TS8322, despite the fact that the printer’s manual offers no directions on this component. On an iPhone 7, advising Siri to “print an archive” dispatched the Canon Print application. The printer additionally bolsters the IFTTT web administration, which permits you to set up activities dependent on changed conditions in another web administration, for example, Gmail, Facebook and so forth.

The USB port permits you to interface straightforwardly to a PC. The port is on the backboard and is recessed in a restricted hole, which makes it somewhat hard to get to. It took me a couple of attempts to associate the USB link.

Print Speed

Text printing was generally normal in speed. The TS8322 printed our five-page test archive in 34.4 seconds, or 8.7 pages every moment (ppm), versus the class normal of 9 ppm for similar models. The Editor’s Choice Canon Pixma TS9120 printed a similar archive in just shy of 27 seconds (11.2 ppm).

Our six-page, blended content and designs PDF printed all the more rapidly than normal, showing up in 1 moment and 52 seconds, or 3.5 ppm, versus the normal of 2 minutes and 14 seconds, or 2.7 ppm.

Photograph printing was astonishingly quick. Our letter-size, high-goal gleaming print arose in a short time and 2 seconds — not exactly a large portion of the normal season of 4 minutes and 15 seconds. The Canon TS9120 was correspondingly quick, printing the photograph 5 seconds quicker than the TS8322. The Epson Expression XP-640 was more slow, taking 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

Utilizing its duplexer, the TS8322 printed a two-sided 10-page text record shortly and 13 seconds or 3.1 ppm. This was almost indistinguishable from the Canon TS9120 and the normal for equivalent duplex inkjet models. The Epson XP-640, notwithstanding, was a lot quicker, at 5.5 ppm.

The TS8322 made a two-sided print of our six-page shading PDF shortly and 37 seconds, or 2.3 ppm. (This was, once more, almost indistinguishable from the TS9120’s speed on this test.) This was quicker than the classification normal of 1.8 ppm on this test.

Duplicate and sweep speed

The TS8322 made a shading duplicate in 23 seconds, which was quicker than the class normal of 27.7 seconds. By examination, the TS9120 made a shading duplicate in 17.3 seconds; yet the quickest model to date, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025, made a shading duplicate in 12.5 seconds.

The TS8322 made high contrast duplicates at generally normal speed, making a duplicate in 14.6 seconds, contrasted and the class normal of 15.8 seconds. (The quickest model on this test is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025, at 8.7 seconds.)

The TS8322 made high-goal shading examines rapidly, making a 600-dpi JPEG in 44.6 seconds — fundamentally quicker than the normal of 1 moment and 8 seconds.

The TS8322 was slower than the normal at making highly contrasting outputs, in any case, making a 300-dpi PDF in 14.4 seconds, versus the normal of 11 seconds. The Canon TS9120 made similar output in 7.7 seconds.

Print quality

Text prints from the TS8322 looked great, however not incredible. Letterforms looked sufficiently dim, however very close edges looked to some degree rough.

Illustrations looked more amazing, printing with very much immersed, normal-looking tones and exact differentiation. Subtleties looked sharp and mid-tone changes looked smooth. Some mellow banding was obvious in level zones, just like the fringes of text encloses our test PDF. Duplex prints looked similarly tantamount to single-sided prints.

Shiny photographs had a lot of detail and precise surfaces. I enjoyed the prints I jumped on gleaming and matte papers. Shadings looked all around immersed and regular. There were contrasts, in any case, contrasted and lustrous prints from the Epson XP-640, for instance: Our test picture’s light appearance looked “cooler” and was not “heated up” like the Epson’s, with reds and yellows more immersed in the skin tone.

On our scene photograph, in any case, this equivalent propensity of the Epson model added warmth and brilliance to some green shades that, when set close to the Canon printer, would look somewhat unnatural to certain eyes. In the Canon print’s kindness, nonetheless, was the presence of more detail in dim midtones that gazed somewhat hindered upward in the Epson’s print. This marvel was the inverse, be that as it may, in our still existence of luxuriously shaded food. The Canon’s print advertised up the reds and yellows to make an immersed however apparently somewhat unnatural-looking print, while the Epson XP-640’s treatment of reds and yellows looked marginally less soaked and ostensibly more normal.

The TS8322 made appealing, precise duplicates of illustrations. Duplicates of magazine pages delivered text that didn’t look very as sharp as the first. Generally, duplicates of illustrations looked near the first, with appealing tones and a lot of detail, despite the fact that there was some mellow banding in duplicates of both shading designs and high contrast illustrations.

Output quality was high, catching regular looking tones and delivering smooth midtone changes. Shadow zones in examined shading photos would in general be excessively dim, in any case, losing fine subtleties. Highly contrasting outputs to PDF glanced sharply by and large, with exact propagations of designs, in spite of the fact that they would, in general, look excessively dim generally speaking, with obstructed dim shades losing some detail.

Ink cost and yield

The TS8322 utilizes six ink cartridges: a shade dark (principally for text), a color based dark (basically for designs), and four-color based shadings (cyan, fuchsia, yellow and photograph blue). Three limits of ink cartridges are offered: standard and two degrees of high return (XL and XXL).

By and large, as per our counts, the TS8322’s ink costs are higher than the normal for equivalent inkjet printers we’ve tried. For the accompanying costs, we determined utilizing the expense of individual ink cartridges.

Utilizing standard cartridges, the TS8322 offers costs per page of 9.5 pennies and 23.6 pennies for text and designs, separately, versus the midpoints of 7 pennies for text and 19.6 pennies for illustrations. By examination, the Epson XP-640 has below the norm costs per page of 5.8 pennies and 18.8 pennies, separately.

Utilizing high return XL cartridges, costs per page are an expected 7.1 pennies for text and 19.5 pennies for illustrations, individually, contrasted and the midpoints: 5.4 pennies for text and 14.1 pennies for designs. Utilizing the XXL cartridges drops the content page cost to 6.4 pennies, and designs pages to 16.8 pennies, however, this is as yet higher than the normal for standard high return cartridges. Utilizing high return cartridges, the Epson XP-640 prints text for not exactly a large portion of the expense per page, at 3.1 pennies, and shading designs at a much lower.

Canon offers some multi cartridge esteem packs that can reduce ink expenses. In all cases, these worth packs do exclude the photograph blue cartridge, which should be purchased independently. The five-pack offering incorporates a wide range of various inks, while the four-pack combos incorporate just the shade dark, not the color dark.

In light of our estimations, purchasing the five-pack heap of standard cartridges ought to diminish shading page ink costs from 23.3 pennies to 19.6 pennies, while the four-pack item, which does exclude the shade dark ink, will just decrease shading expenses to 22 pennies for each page. The five-pack gathering, including the XL, shade dark and four standard-yield color inks, has an expense for each shading page of 19.1 pennies, contrasted and 21.6 pennies when buying singular cartridges. The least shading page cost is as yet 16.8 pennies with the XXL cartridges, which were not accessible in multipacks at press time.

Utilizing assessed yields, we likewise determined ink costs for printing 4 x 6-inch polished photographs. Likewise, with plain paper printing, the most reduced expense per 4 x 6 was with the XXL cartridges, at 31.6 pennies. (A total arrangement of XXL cartridges costs $169.94.) Printing a 4 x 6 photograph with standard cartridges is pricier, at 48.6 pennies per print, however, purchasing the five-pack set with the XL color dark and four standard-yield color inks lessens this to 41.2 pennies.

Be that as it may, you ought to likewise think about the expense of paper — not simply ink — for printing polished photographs. A bunch of 100 sheets of Photo Paper Plus Glossy expenses $10.99, or 11 pennies for every sheet.

Arrangement and programming

The fundamental arrangement of the TS8322 was direct. You eliminate about six bits of orange transportation tape and some cellophane. Plugin the printer, turn it on and select your language on the touch screen, which at that point strolls you through the ink cartridge establishment, indicating a realistic of every cartridge as you introduce it.

Albeit a CD-ROM comes in the crate, the printed start guide’s huge print teaches you to go on the web (>setup>go>start) to download the product. (The CD-ROM arrangement is covered at the lower part of the page, in little print.)

The product download incorporates the printer driver, check utility (Win/Mac), and a Scan Utility Lite choice for Macs. The online download, in any case, did exclude the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor application. I needed to find that myself on the TS8322’s Drivers and Downloads page. Similar was valid for the online programming establishment I ran for a Mac running OS 10.12 (Sierra). Simple PhotoPrint Editor is utilized to make and print montages, schedules, cards, stickers, and CD/DVD plate marks.

Also, the TS8322 has a circle mark duplicate capacity you can use from the touch screen, without utilizing a PC. You place a printed circle on the flatbed scanner, embed a clear plate in the CD/DVD plate and follow the on-screen prompts. I utilized this to duplicate a plate I had imprinted on another inkjet, with a mark of a shading photo. The TS8322’s duplicate looked similarly on a par with the first.

The remote arrangement was anything but difficult to track down in the touch-screen menu. Utilizing the WPS technique, I squeezed the WPS button on my remote switch to start the association and put the TS8322 on my organization.

For cell phones, you don’t need to utilize the Canon Print application. The TS8322 upholds AirPrint for iOS and Google Cloud Print for Android, just as the Mopria Print Service. In any case, when utilizing AirPrint to print a report from an iPhone 7, it picked the back paper plate instead of the principal paper tape (and offered no real way to choose between the two). The back paper plate was vacant on one event, and on another, my record imprinted on the reflexive photograph paper in the backplate, which I didn’t mean to do. Utilizing the Canon Print application, choosing plain paper as the media type was adequate for the TS8322 to pick the principle paper tape as opposed to the backplate stacked with shiny photograph paper.

Canon likewise offers cloud printing and web-based media reconciliation through its IJ Cloud Print administration, which you start by going to an assigned URL from your cell phone. IJ Cloud Print offers joins for printing from different cloud administrations. You set up your record utilizing FaceBook, Google or an email address, and afterward, you can print from different web-based media records and cloud applications.

The TS8322 fired up rapidly, enlightening its touch screen in only 3 seconds. Of course, making a duplicate immediately took longer than expected. Instead of the test season of 14.6 seconds, it took 23 seconds for the unit to completely heat up and make the duplicate.

Primary concern

The TS8322 offers a lot of highlights for photograph fans, including high photograph print quality utilizing six inks, a second claim to fame media paper plate, and an SD card opening. The enormous shading contact screen is helpful, and the capacity to print onto CD/DVD plates adds to the fun, as does the cloud printing mix of your online media accounts by means of a cell phone. Photograph printing and shading checking are quick, however different undertakings are done at generally normal velocities. Two-sided printing adds a little adaptability, albeit not as much as dangerously sharp content prints don’t make this model a solid match for a home office — nor do the higher-than-normal ink costs, notwithstanding two levels of high return ink cartridges.

Our number one photograph printer, the Epson Expression XP-640, offers similarly high photograph quality, quicker shading imprinting on plain paper, and snappier highly contrasting replicating. Like the Canon, the XP-640’s content prints are not exactly extremely sharp, and its output quality was conflicting in our testing. It additionally comes up short on a touch screen, and its photo printing is slower. On the off chance that quicker photograph printing or an enormous touch screen legitimizes the higher continuous cost, the photograph driven contributions of the TS8322 are probably going to be a delight to utilize.


Canon PIXMA TS8322 Driver Download

IJ Start Canon PIXMA TS8322 Support Drivers for Windows

Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 Full Printer Driver for Windows
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 Printers and Multifunction Printers security patch Windows
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 MP Printer Drivers for Windows

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA TS8322 Support Software for Windows

Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 IJ Network Device Setup Utility for Windows
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 IJ Scan Utility Lite for Windows
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Windows
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 Full Set Up Package for Windows

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA TS8322 Support Software for Mac Os X/ Os X

Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 IJ Network Device Setup Utility for Mac
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 IJ Scan Utility Lite for Mac
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Mac
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 Full Set Up Package for OS X

Canon Com/IJSetup Canon PIXMA TS8322 Support Drivers for Linux

Download ««« IJ Printer Driver Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
Download ««« IJ Printer Driver Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
Download ««« IJ Printer Driver Linux (Source file)
Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver Linux (rpm-Packagearchive)
Download ««« ScanGear MP Printer Driver Linux (debian-Packagearchive)
Download ««« ScanGear MP Linux (Source file)

Canon PIXMA TS8322 Manual Support Download

Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 ScanGear MP guide Free for Linux
Download ««« Canon PIXMA TS8322 IJ Printer Driver guide Free for Linux

Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Windows

Download ««« User Manual Guide Free for Mac

Download ««« Getting Started Guide Free

IJ Setup Canon PIXMA TS8322 Support Source: Canon Support USA

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